Embrace Cinematic VR180

The K2 Pro a real professional VR180 camera is here.   Based on the mighty cinematic E2m   and working with our tailor made premium fisheye optics,   we are shooting VR180 like never before!
The K2 Pro is fitted with a pair of WDR sensors with upto 15 stops in dynamic range, the sensor pitch size at 4.63μm ensures the best low light performance.     Interocular distance at 64mm guarantees the best stereoscopic experience.   It records 10-bit color in Prores 422HQ, and exports upto 5k@60 VR180 format.    The tailor-made iZugar MKX200 fisheye lenses provide edge to edge super sharpness with minimal distortion and chromatic aberration.
iZugar MKX200 3.8mm ASPH, Key Features

cine-grade resolution, 8K ready
200 deg circular fisheye, distortion free
APO design, minimal chromatic aberration
aspherical elements
multi nano coatings
aperture f/2.8-f/11
Tailor made for E2 & K2pro

ZCam K2 Pro –  Key Features

10-bit color recording supporting Prores 422 HQ and H.265
Dual 4/3″ WDR sensors with 13~15 stops dynamic range
Inter-ocular distance at 64mm, perfect for VR180 shooting in stereo
color modes: zlog2, flat, rec709, ZRAW
export 5120×2560 @60fps in VR180 format*, best match with Oculus Quest
dual native ISO, very smooth in low light
synchronized shutters

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