"Het is een heel inspirerend verhaal
mijn meest kernachtige idee
ik kan het nog inzichtelijker maken
aan de hand van beelden die
mijn verhaal ondersteunen!"
VRPR.TV   kan helpen
een idee aanschouwelijk te maken door het
ruimtelijk in de video opname te plaatsen
zodat het interview tot de verbeelding spreekt

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Kolmans Kube @ TArt Festival 1998
A black wooden floor is situated in the middle of the room. Behind the floor is a vertical screen. The screen is 3,4 x 3,5 meters like the floor. The two act as sides of a kube. Upon entering this kube, a visitors movements cause electronic sounds to appear. More specificaly movements in predefined areas trigger short sequences of images on the projected background. As a backdrop I created a timelaps-recording of a landscape north of Amsterdam where typically the old dutch masters would paint because of the special quality of the light. The timelaps recording lasted for a whole day. The projected result was a sequence of 150 images, mapped on a sensor inside the kube. So vertical movements on a specific location resulted in stepping through the day in time. Movement in one of the eight sensors more or less located towards the corners of the kube resulted in acurately moving through a series of images of my hands in the landscape pointing out the size and location of these sensors if they were places synchronous in the landscape if the frame of the landscape was not a window but a mirror. I was playing with the notion of matter and antimatter and poetic license.
Kolmans Kube interview by Rob Perree
An interview by Rob Perree in Kunstbeeld march 1989
MIMIC-Grammatica Didactiek in de ruimte
Didactiek in de ruimte met Andries Lohmeijer, Ria Brandon, Toon Ariens Op het Albeda College Rotterdam Project BVE96143
Kolmans Kube in Axis December 1995
Publication about Kolmans Kube text by Inamoto, Axis vol. 58 Fred Kolman’s 'Kolman’s Kube’ has evolved in a number of stages. First the motion of a body in a dance was translated into MIDI controlling electronic sounds. Recently the system can control images as well as sounds. When you move around the room a camera records your position and changes the images and lighting effects projected on the wall by a video projector. Just by moving through the room transforms it into a different configuration. The unadorned human body changes the environment. This is better than virtual reality with those goggles.
Kolmans Kube @ UNDR Kopenhagen
Movements by visitors on this black floor trigger and control electronic sounds.
Interviews in Google VR180 stereo
Stereo video in the Google VR180 format with additional text layers or other info-graphics or 3d content.
Artists in VR
Artists Performers Actors Dancers Musicians captured in VR180 stereo
Kolmans Kube ' De Opmars ' broadcast VPRO tv
This clip is taken from a TV broadcast in 1994 by VPRO called De Opmars, Nederland gaat digitaal
VR Days Amsterdam 2019
VR Days Europe Amsterdam 2019 A report of the three day festival in VR180 stereo video Work in progress
Kolmans Kube Performance, Crea Amsterdam
As a dancer, performer I wanted to play and control my synthesizer from within the dance. While listening to the sonic landscapes like 'Homer Hossa' created by Boris Blank and Dieter Meier from Yello https://soundcloud.com/boris-blank-avant-garden as well as listening to Brian Eno on Albums like 'On land' and 'Apollo' in the early eighties I had the desire to literally step in those landscapes and perform my Thai Chi based movements. It came to my mind that it was feasible to control certain aspects of electronic synthesized sounds in real time with gestures seen through a videocamera, allowing the dancer/performer to create the music from the dance instead of dancing to music. This was back 1985.
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